Curious to know if how many times your “alagang numero” made it to the winning combination?

Well no need to dig-in the previous results and do the Math all by yourself!

PLH Calculator will solve that for you!

With PLH Calculator , you will see the percentage a certain number became part of the winning combination at your chosen time range (e.g By week, By Month, By Quarter).

Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: From the Menu bar of PLH Homepage , click PLH Calculator

PLH Calculator


You will be directed to the PLH calulator Page. The tool,  “Lotto Calculator” is at the right-hand portion.


PHL Calculator page


Step 2: Choose the “Game Category” you want to view by clicking in the drop-down list

PHL Calculator Menu Game category


Step 3: After choosing the “Game Category”, set the date range by clicking in the drop-down list in “Date”

PHL Calculator Menu Date

Step 4: To get the results. click “Calculate”

PHL Calculate

Voila! PLH Calculator will display the results instantly.PHL Calculator Results

Want to see other results? To refresh ,  just do Step 2 and Step 3 again.




PLH Calculator results is based on statistics of previous actual results compiled by PLH.

It shall serve as a guide only and will not in any way influence or manipulate the actual draw results of PCSO.

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