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Ever wondered if your “alaga” numbers and combinations have won and could’ve brought you fortune ?

Well check it out here in PCSO Result Compilation !

Get an instant access to past lotto results with just a few clicks.

Here’s how:

Step 1: From the Menu bar of PLH Homepage – , click PCSO Result Compilation

PCSO Result Compilation


You will be directed to the PCSO Result Compilation page.
PCSO Lotto Result Today

Step 2: Choose the “Game Category” you want to view by clicking in the drop-down list.

Note: Select “All” to view the records of all the “Game Category” choices. “ORDER” will no longer be applicable .

PCSO Lotto Result

Step 3: After choosing the “Game Category” , the “Search” field will appear.

Enter the digits you wish to search in the results compilation.

Note: To enter a valid search criteria, input the required number of digits for the chosen “Game Category”

12 digits- Ultra Lotto 6/58, Grand Lotto 6/55, Super Lotto 6/49, Mega Lotto 6/45, Lotto 6/42.

PCSO Lotto result

6 digits- 6 Digit Game

PCSO Lotto result


4 digits – 4 Digit Game

PCSO Lotto result

4 digits – EZ2 Lotto

PCSO Lotto result

3 digits- Swertres Lotto

PCSO Lotto result


Step 4: Choose the “Order” you want the numbers you entered to appear

Combination – results that has/have the numbers you entered  in any order

Exact Order – results that has/have the numbers you entered in exact order

PHL Result Compilation Order

Step 5: Set the “Time”  and/ or “Date” range

“Time” – Only applicable to Ez2 and Swertres. Select time of draw you wish to view.

You may choose “All” to view the results of the three draw time slots (11:00 am ; 4:00 pm; 9:00 pm)

PHL Result Compilation Time

“From” “To”- Customize the date range of the results you want PCSO Result Compilation to show using this feature.

A calendar will pop-out when you place your cursor in the empty fields. Assign the date by clicking on the specific date in the calendar.

PHL Result Compilation date

To move from one month to the other in the calendar, use the forward or backward arrow keys in the date bar.

PHL Result Compilation Calendar

Step 5: Click “Search” to run your inquiry.

The result window will appear just below the search table. It will display five columns :

  • Date – dates when the numbers/combinations were drawn
  • Category
  • Time – time of draw where the numbers/combinations were drawn
  • Combination

If you selected “COMBINATION” in “ORDER” field, the results in this column will                  show all the combinations of the numbers you have entered that have won

Swertres Combination result


If you selected “EXACT” in “ORDER” field, the results in this column will show all the drawn results  in your selected date range, which exactly matches the numbers you entered (digits+order).

Swertres Exact result 2


  • Winners – Clicking on “View” will direct you to the PCSO Lotto Winners page for the statistics of winners of the numbers you entered.



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